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Hearthstone Ranked Changes Review

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Here we are again. The first season of the new system in Hearthstone is now over, and players have already opened their ranked rewards. We have all had C’thun drop onto our heads at least once and stacked up another loss.

I mean, am I wrong here? It seems that every other Hearthstone deck is running C’thun and gaining substantially more luck with it than I have. There is video evidence of my failure in successfully summoning the cyclopean wonder, I literally went through my whole deck (barring two cards) in a game and C’thun did not show up; turns out he had jumped into my opponents deck just to spite me!

So aside from the proliferation of C’thun decks what else is good about the new system?

Well, the new Hearthstone standard mode has made it infinitely better for newer players as you are no longer up against opponents who have almost every card ever made at their disposal. There is now a real chance of getting to higher ranks without having too many cards, I have not experienced this though. The most I could manage this season was 16 and that was a struggle. In the old system I could usually hit 15 without too much issue and then struggle to hit above rank 10 before the end of the season.

Thing is, even though I am getting less success with ranked games I have to admit, I am actually enjoying playing it more, as many decks have their own twist that you could not have imagined until the cards are played.

All in all though, I believe it is a good thing that Blizzard mixed things up a bit and hopefully we shall see many more decktypes that have previously been hidden from us.