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Xbox One S Leaked Ahead of Official E3 Launch

An image has surfaced which has been claimed to be our first glimpse at the much speculated new Xbox One variant. The model in question is a slimmer Xbox One which is not the model the rumour hounds know as Project Scorpio but another console altogether that this convincing looking leak is calling the Xbox One S.

Appearing on the NeoGAF forums the picture leak of a stylish pure white Xbox One console certainly does show a “Sleeker, Slimmer, Sharper” model when placed next to the Xbox One controller which it’s shown with giving a reference to it’s size and it’s said this one will 40% smaller compared to the overall dimensions of it’s predecessor which, if the leak is to be believed, appears to be true. The controller pictured itself however looks unchanged, but is said to be ‘streamlined’ and as expected, we should find any previous Xbox One controller will work just fine with the slim model too.

Despite the size drop, nothing is sacrificed as far as the specifications go, and in fact the leak reveals some seriously grand upgrades including an impressive 2GB hard drive, 4K Ultra HD video output with high dynamic range to the benefit of those with cutting edge 4K televisions. It will be exciting to see in the coming days as we embark on this year’s E3 – the biggest gaming event on the calender, just how the games developers will approach this new potential and how stunning the games can now look on our TV screens.

We should see this little powerhouse in action tomorrow, however, there is still no mention of VR which could still mean Microsoft has some secrets to tell us when they make their announcements official on Monday the 12th. It’s also noteworthy that the leaked pic includes a Pre-Order button, so Microsoft might also go live with the early purchases for it’s Xbox One S before the week is out.

With the big cat now out of the bag, Microsoft looks to be the frontrunner going into E3 – but of course Sony could be keeping it’s card close to it’s chest and despite the suggestion there will be no new hardware launched they may in fact reveal their own 4K PlayStation, tentatively called the PS4 Neo. We can but hope. Who doesn’t love it when these two go head to head?