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Is 3D eyewear the next big trend? LG launch designer glasses – while Transformers specs invade cinemas!

LG have employed the services of British fashion designer Giles Deacon to bring a new look to the 3D specs required for their Cinema 3D range. Prompting the question – Is 3D eyewear the next big trend?

LG are pushing for affordable 3D in the home, opting for passive methods rather than active 3D. GILES for LG are those passive 3D glasses, the type you’d find yourself strapping on to watch the latest blockbuster at the cinema (for the simplified explanation of Active and Passive 3D check out this Gadget Helpline article).

These will cost you a little more than the standard issue bland goggles coming along with LG Cinema 3D sets – You’re looking at £29.99 exclusively through Selfridges.

We predict the style appeal of the London street-smart specs will extend away from the living room, making 3D specs the new gimmick for the cool kids with designers, TV and movie companies going all out to compete in a market for the ever-growing 3D fad.

Gone are the red/green lenses and cardboard frame of the first coming of 3D, but will you be sold on the funky designs? The guy in the LG promo photos seems to think so. Check him out – I’ve never been that happy about glasses in my entire life!

If, like us, you prefer something a bit geekier, maybe you’d be more interested in the Transformers themed “Cine-Masks” – launched by Hasbro toys to co-incide with this week’s blockbuster release of the latest 3D movie instalment “Dark of the Moon“. They’re cheaper than those gaudy grown-up GILES for LG goggles – only around £15 on Amazon!

3D not your thing at all but your mates insist on watching all the new cinema releases in eye-watering three-dimensions? How about some 3D-to-2D glasses? This slightly bonkers idea works in reverse.

Place the specs on your face and the lenses actually filter out the “two-image” blurriness of watching a 3D movie, making the film watchable in 2D. These are disguised just like the 3D sets you’ll get at the pictures, so no-one will diss you for your antiquated viewing ways! Costly (at £5 a pair) – but sociable! Available at

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