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5G Opinion – Possibilities Or Problems?

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5G opinion seems divided, just like a lot of subjects in current times, it depends who you speak to. 5G feelings swing from extremes like, the great beneficiary, to something shunned like the plague.

There may well be legitimate reasons that both schools of thought could be correct.

With regards to the tech itself. If we look at it from a development point of view, worldwide, you could say that South Korea is leading the charge.

Governments across the world seem to want to consider it a race to cross the finish line.

The Huawei ban has also, probably, effected the rollout, at least the speed of it anyway. All of a sudden governments and companies are beginning to question whether they should continue as previously or take note of the ban. Huawei as a company is not just about phones though. They are also an extremely large network logistics provider.

South Korea’s largest export is, arguably, Samsung.

Samsung not only are one of the largest smartphone manufacturers. They also produce their own 5G chip.

Because of this, it is not very hard to imagine South Korea leading to the finish or at least being a close second. Alongside Samsung’s endeavors, Ericsson are helping to install the network for KT (Korea Telecom). So you see, although its a race, it would seem there are no set rules. Sweden seem to be quite content helping South Korea out with a few network issues.

5G Opinion

Through all the pomp and extravaganza of 5G there is still public vocal outcry and protest. These are happening globally too, just like the ‘race’ itself.

Is it dangerous to your health?
Just how many transmitters will need to be in one street?
Not in my backyard?

There are things people might want to know before something so large in scale is rolled out so quickly.  Quickly, simply because of an imagined race.

The lighter side though is the speed. The amount of data that can be moved across a 5G environment in a short space of time is vast. Compared to what we have currently anyway.
Due to this, events such as a dragon flying around a stadium is possible. Construction workers can work in a construction site halfway across the planet without issue. This is just a small taste of what could be possible with 5G. Is it going to be worth it though? Only time will tell.

Dragon Show

Construction worker

Samsung 5G advert

Robot barrista

5G network fails to impress

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