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Cancer Research App ‘Dreamlab’ Speeding Up Potential Breakthroughs!

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Dreamlab is a Cancer research app. The app is solely designed to help researchers crunch numbers.

Cancer research app

Once installed, Dreamlab will ask you how much data you would like to offer. This can be changed in settings later.

Android users can also opt out of providing user data to Google and Apple. Look under settings in the app.

iOS users can opt out via their device settings.

Once installed, the app selects a project for you on first run. You can change this project later if you wish.

This particular project is :

Project DRUGS Phase 3 (Drug Repositioning Using Grids of Smartphones)

The project is based in Imperial college London. For a full in depth rundown of this fascinating technology, click here. The short version is that you will help reduce the amount of data that needs to be sifted through. This can accelerate advances in understanding specific cancers, both through prevention and possible cures.

We installed Dreamlab on an Android Oneplus 3 and let it run while on charge. In under half an hour it had crunched through two chunks of data. The device did not heat up more than normal while being charged.

The first question that may arise from discerning eyes; is it a scam?

The app will not use your personal data allowance while on the Vodafone network. So this is a partnership. Looking at it another way: One company has helped out a bit in creating it. Possibly through financing or otherwise. This company stands to gain possible sales, or, most of all popular opinion. Either way there is profit somewhere. This is not a scam, this is just good business.

The second question; what details does it require?

This must be the catch, considering your data could be counted as priceless to some. Happy to inform here, not only did the app not ask for any details, it did not request any permissions either. The one caveat is that both Google and Apple will gain data from your use unless you disable this.

The last and possibly only legitimate question for this particular app is:

Will it damage my device?

Have to say the jury is out on this one. Your device wears every time a process is completed by the CPU. Your phone also runs processes all day long without this app installed. Checking for social media feed notifications to name one in particular. With this in mind, yes it will slowly damage your phone over time. But, and this is a big but here! It is a slight wear for something that may well save yours or somebody else’s life in the future.

The Catch?

Not really any catch at all worth worrying about.

Dreamlab uses a little bit of data if not on the Vodafone network while in the U.K.

Can cause your phone to overheat at times (based only on user reviews).

For another opinion:

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Is Dreamlab a scam?

The App:

Dreamlab App



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