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Acer’s Leap wearables getting close to a full reveal

There’s three new Acer wearables on their way to the open market, teased last month we should have all the details and a release very soon.

The Liquid Leap Fit, Liquid Leap Active and Liquid Leap Curve are confirmed to be on their way, though Acer is still giving nothing away regarding prices and the spec. We should know at least some if not all of these details when Computex 2015 begins next week.

The three new wearables are designed for fitness, so will come with all the usual activity tracking, expect a 1-inch waterproof display, heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep pattern monitor, a stress sensor and probably anything else you could need. They will also have a removable band.

The Liquid Leap Active will be a slightly stripped down version of the Fit, ditching the heart rate monitor, and will keep track of more basic stats like calories burned. The active will also be waterproof.

Finally, the Liquid Leap Curve is said to be a bit of a fashion statement, and will feature many exchangeable bands. The inner workings of the Curve will be similar to the Fit, including a heart and stress monitor.

Acer’s first wearable the Liquid Leap left much to be desired in several ways, they will be looking to improve on this considerably.