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Microsoft Revises Xbox One Controller – 3.5mm Port Added

It’s believed that Microsoft will be revealing a newly redesigned Xbox One controller at the E3 event next month – or perhaps even sooner.

A simplistic diagram of the underside of the revised XB1 control pad has been seen to fulfil pretty much all of the usual expectations as found on the current incarnation and there’s nothing visually ground-breaking about the new design witnessed in the tease we’re given.

But if you read through the accompanying list of features you may note there are 16 now, rather than the regular 15 buttons, bumpers and ports found on the version we know today.

This is because there’s one noteworthy addition on this controller which will allow more options for headphone users which comes with the introduction of a 3.5mm jack port for audio gear to be connected, without use of an adapter, alongside the expansion port at the bottom edge of the pad. This is going to become the norm for any Xbox One controller stocked after “June 2015”.

It’s thought that the controller might also come with a built in rechargeable battery as standard but this isn’t confirmed and otherwise the pad will look and feel just the same.

With little over two weeks until E3 we might find out a bit more about the new Xbox One controller and maybe it’ll pack a few extra surprises that we’re not yet informed of. In the meantime, check out the ‘in-depth’ comparison below.