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Activision Could Soon Be Making Movies

Call of Duty publisher Activision is apparently on its way to creating feature length blockbuster movies based on games in their sphere of influence, according to information that’s going around online at the moment.

Some games are often likened to blockbuster movies, often including a linear lvel structure and long, action packed cutscenes. Some take this to the extreme, with Metal Gear Solid 4 including over 300 minutes of cutscenes. Although not a property of Activision, the game’s 5 hours of cutscenes are an example of the kind of storytelling found in some games.

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A report on The Information states that “The publisher of blockbuster games including “Call of Duty” and “Skylanders” is currently mulling a plan to launch an entertainment studio, where it would produce its own movies and TV shows rather than simply license its titles to outside partners,” In a report recently published on their site.

Movies based on video games often fare poorly when the game content is licensed to external producers, such as the recent Prince of Persia movie, and often don’t ever make it to cinemas, such as the ‘Halo movie’ which was originally intended to be made following the release of Halo 3.

‘Warcraft’ the upcoming 2016 movie based on World of Warcraft.

A studio within Activision dedicated to creating video games has twofold advantages. The first being a lack of needing to negotiate licenses to Hollywood studios for game content, a process which is often problematic and expensive. The second advantage is the fact that the in house studio could work in conjunction with game developers to make sure the final movie stays true to the original source material.

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Whilst no actual confirmation has come from Activision in the case of this new rumor, it’s worth noting that an upcoming movie based on World of Warcraft is on the way, supposedly coming in March 2016. Blizzard is under the ownership of Activision, and the team behind the movie may be working very closely with the studio during production. This could be a test bed for future movies from the publisher

Source: The Information

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