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AI Art Assistance

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After writing about Pix2Pix we though it would be useful to find a few apps that offer art assistance using AI.

Manipulation of images is a lot of fun. With the added benefit of AI working in the background, our imaginations are the only limit. So, apps that are fun and offer art assistance…

Obviously, we could list many apps that give you the ability to manipulate an image but that is not what we are going for today.There have to be a few conditions put in place first:

  1. The app has to be free of charge.
  2. The apps must have a good range of options.
  3. The app must also allow you to download the images after manipulation.

For this task we enlisted our cat, Lu Bu who agreed to help reluctantly. The image below is the original before we did any manipulation.



Dreamscope is website only. There is also no app currently available for smartphones. Dreamscope has a reasonable amount of filters and offers a few extra changes such as brightness and contrast before applying them.


This is another app that is website only at present. Deepdreamgenerator is our current favourite as you can continually generate from the same image and apply a different filter each time. Using this site is a little like falling down the rabbit hole , the more you use it the further you want to go.


Prisma is a very cool app available for both Android and Apple. It is kind of like Instagram crossed with Deepmind AI and has a large number of options available.

With all three of the above, usage is quite self explanatory. The apps shown offer art assistance simplistically. At the end of the day you cannot go wrong. Every time you use these to manipulate an image they create a new image. So, if at first you don’t succeed.. Try another filter!