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Amazon 3D Hologram Phone – First Photo Leaked

Rumours of Amazon’s debut smartphone have resurfaced recently suggesting the 3D smartphone will be released between mid to end of the year, and now we may have got our first glimpse of the handset in a leaked snapshot.

Little was known about the unnamed Amazon smartphone, or ‘Kindle Phone’ as some are referring to it, until business news source The Wall Street Journal potentially legitimised a few of the speculations this week by reporting a 3D display, holographic visuals and retina and gesture tracking.

The photo which has now emerged from BGR is believed to be the elusive Amazon phone in the flesh, so to speak. As you can see it’s quite a slender handset but doesn’t look like a fanciful affair and the matt black casing isn’t very inviting when seen ‘in the wild’.

We’d be inclined to believe this may be a prototype, but despite the indistinct casing it is seen to feature those four front facing camera lenses which will be used to capture gesture and adjust the 3D display to the user’s line of sight.

The picture also demonstrates the generous 4.7” screen which will be used to display those holograms which will be used for practical phone functions such as scrolling app icons and browsing the Amazon Appstore in 3D – virtually interacting with the objects. With all these features contained within we’d expect quite a compact but weighty piece of hardware.

Other features of the Amazon smartphone should be quad-core processing with Snapdragon 800 CPU and a sensitive 13-megapixel camera, thanks to Amazon’s partnership with Pentax. We should find out a lot more about the handset in the coming weeks, as Amazon prepares for a suggested June launch.