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Amazon Music Unlimited Released To UK – Cheap With Echo!

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Amazon Music Unlimited has arrived and is aiming to draw you away from that Spotify subscription.

If you are thinking ‘good luck with that’ you may want to think again.  Amazon is matching Spotify on song count (40 Million tracks available) and have added some incentives centering on Prime and Echo users.

So, without one of these two premium services it will cost you £9.99 per month, with Prime this drops to £7.99. 
If you prefer to make your payments over a year sub then the drops further to £6.58 a month. Bear in mind though, Prime users already receive Prime Music within their package which has 2 Millions songs.

There is one way of dropping this price even further, but, you need to have an Echo or Echo Dot. If you have one of these voice activated speakers you can receive Amazon Music Unlimited for a mere £3.99 per month.

The catch you ask? Only a small one but definitely one to consider. If you choose the cheapest version then you will only be able to listen to the music on your Echo (no multiples on one account).

So, what can it do?

Apart from searching 40 Million tracks quite quickly it can also search for songs via lyrics or artist, most recent or back-catalog. You can go further into the depths of a back-catalog by asking to play by era, 60’s, 70’s etc. 

Alexa has added a special feature too; mood music. Feeling like some sad 80’s music? Just ask Alexa: “Play sad 80’s music.” Within moments you will be hearing all the sad sounds of the 80’s coming through your speaker, nice.

There are many playlists too, these have actually been handpicked by real living people!

If you need support for this device, or any other device the Gadgethelpline is there to lend a helping hand.