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WhatsApp launches video calling for everyone

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The wait is over, those of us without iphones can now have facetime, thank you. Whatsapp have officially launched video calling for over 1 Billion users worlwide across iOS, Android and Windows phones.

Following a series of user reports on finding the feature enabled in Beta versions of Whatsapp on Android and Windows, the chances are high that a public debut is imminent.

To use this feature, all users need do is hit the call button at the top right corner of any conversation. This will bring up an overlay asking if you wish to use video call or voice. All you need do is select ‘Video call’ from the options.

Whilst on the call you can switch between forward and rear facing cameras without interrupting the call

Whatsapp supports a lot of features for communication apps such as group texting and voice calling. Apparently though, according to Whatsapp, Video calling has remained one of the top features requested by its user base.

Bear in mind, you may not be seeing this appearing on your phones today. The roll-out is staged to arrive across the userbase over the next fews days so that servers can handle it.

Whatsapp have not been resting on their laurels it seems, as well as adding the two-factor authentication recently this has now landed in our sweaty palms. 

For an in-depth guide on how to use this feature then check out the video below:


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