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Android Market now features “Content Filtering”

We have to admit there can be some very dodgy content cropping up on the Android Market and with smartphones becoming the cool toy for youngsters, some form of monitoring for search results and available apps has been a long time coming.

You can search some very innocent subjects on the Android Market and quite often be presented with irrelevant and quite smutty wares, from rude jokes to revealing photo apps. Although nothing pornographic is displayed on the search or descriptions it’s very easy for kids to stumble across or, if savvy enough, find and download to such content – the dirty little beggars!

Parents will now be able to control the content available to the Android Market on their kid’s mobile phones by a series of options – much like the “safe search” for the Google search engine. The new options are available by entering the Android Market, selecting Menu and going into Settings. There you will find a list of filters ranging from “Everyone” and “Low Maturity” up to “High Maturity”.

Well aware that youngsters are sneaky blighters and obviously very tech-aware, Google has employed a pin code system meaning once set, only the parent can change the filter.

The new content filter is already available on some Android-enabled gadgets and rolling out onto the market at large in the coming days.

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