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Android Search Providers Update & Other Options!

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Android search providers are due to change. This is due to the European Commissions decision on Android, not any time soon though. Some time in the next two years, to be exact. Google might need time to generate more money to pay for the EU charges. Not only from the fact that most devices still use Google as their search provider. But, also, from the interest and speculation that will develop as the auction looms closer.

The winning providers will also be different from country to country; lots of auction winners.

The contenders are going to be bidding how much they would pay per user opting to have their own search engine. That means, each time a person clicks on a choice other than Google at the prompt, that provider will then pay the amount they bid for this privilege, to Google.

What they do not seem to be showing here are all the other real options out there. The results of the auction will only show you who has the most money to give to Google. This is why we thought it prudent to get down a few tips on this subject. We have mentioned the following tips before but their benefits still remain to this day.

Android search providers

If its your data that is on the line then there is only one real search provider worth its salt in this respect.


DuckDuckGo is pretty much the search engine of choice if you require private searches. A number of us here have been using this engine for a while now. The search power is extensive and does not give your information to others. Also, it does not personalise search results. Very similar to the wild west days of the internet back in the nineties.

To go with your new search engine, how about a nice new browser?

Brave browser

This chrome based browser is also working hard to keep your searching anonymous. You can load private tabs with TOR (coming soon to Android), block trackers and donate to your favorite content providers. Your use of the brave browser will also gain you tokens over time. In essence, being paid for your attention. This is why the method of payment is called ‘Brave Attention Token’, aka BAT.

For other browsing tips and gadget goodies, check out Gadgethelpline.


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