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Smart Vehicles Are Coming – E.U. 5G And More!

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Smart vehicles are beginning to slide into everyone’s DM’s, metaphorically speaking anyway. With 5G now in full roll-out mode across many countries it is only a matter of time until they are nearly the only vehicles on the road. Many countries have set dates for the end of normal combustion vehicles. There will of course be dumb-car enthusiasts, as with all new technology advances, some cling to the old ways for a while. Some even revel in it. Eventually the hipster of the future will have a dumb-car running on sunflower oil. They will be quite envied by their peers. They may also consider themselves edgy and niche. Ironic, as this is how smart car owners may seem to some today.

EU Ruling

The E.U. have only just ruled to not use Wi-Fi as the medium for data transfer between smart cars.
A very sensible choice. Wi-Fi can drop in and out of connection depending on many outside factors.
The only sensible choice when it comes to a smart car is to load it up with GPS and its own on board AI. For this it will also need to have connection at all times. This is one of the reasons cellular (mobile phone networks) won the battle.

5G Required

Not only just cellular though. For the tech to function and thrive well it will need to have 5G connections available at regular points along any road. Simply for the speed of transfer required plus the need for continued connection. Without being set up correctly in the first place, lives could well be endangered in the future. With a centralised point being attacked, it could easily see a whole city being gridlocked by a few cars simply being switched off, remotely. The data transfer between objects will need to be fast and secure. The signal will also need to be extended in the local area. In other words, the cars may need to be signal boosters themselves. 

Smart Vehicles

Welcome to the world where everyone is knight rider…

Consider from now on that each new smart vehicle created in the E.U. is basically a smartphone with wheels. Just like your phone can map your movements as you travel. The smart car is also able to do this. Without your assistance carrying it along for the journey. Basically, your phone can now take you places.

The other side of the coin is that your car is now also more easily hacked.

Considering there are, approximately, just over 1 Billion cars on the planet. Even 10 percent of this total is a vast amount of vehicles.
With objects logged in a decentralised distributed ledger, each change of position is taken into account, as it happens, across every other object in the network. Also, as there is no specific point of attack; it is much harder to hack.

Data Breaches On Centralised Networks

Just like Bitcoin itself, other objects and ideas can also be quantised and given the ability to control themselves. The system governs itself without need of a central point. Centralised networks can be more vulnerable to attack. You only need to look at the news across the past few months to hear about the many data breaches. These have all been data stored on centralised networks.

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