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Android Wear – Getting Started Setup Guide

Anyone who’s pre-ordered an Android Wear device, listen up, we’ve got the Google approved step-by-step to getting your device all set up when it arrives. There are a couple of apps and updates you’re going to need, all now available from Google sources.

The first thing you’re going to need, on your mobile at least, is the official Android Wear App, which links into your Wear device from your Android Smartphone. This allows one of the main features of Wear, pushing notifications from your phone to your wrist to start working properly.

You can get the Android Wear App here

The app will find and sync your new Android wearable with Bluetooth and then you should be able to set up notifications and other synced services through the next menu. Once those are done, the app becomes a hub for sending data to your wearable, such as alarms and agendas.

Be sure to get hold of the Google Play Services 5.0 update as soon as you can, because that’s what adds all the underlying framework to your device which allows Android Wear to work properly. It should automatically update to your device, but just to be sure, head over here and get hold of it manually. Of course if it’s already there it shouldn’t need to be downloaded again.

Once you’ve got all the apps and updates sorted, the fun can really begin, with apps able to be downloaded to your Android Wearable listed here.

This list is obviously not going to be as sparsely populated on release, but for now, if you have a Wear device on the way or on pre-order, you can check and stay updated with all the apps you’re going to need here.

Notable ones include IFTTT, a user-friendly programming interface which allows you to set custom rules and connections for your Wear devices.

There’s also the Guardian’s news app, plus Allthecooks, an app which will get the recipes you need right to your wrist… just make sure you don’t cover your brand new Android Wear watch with all the ingredients!

Android Wear devices are imminently arriving, with release dates, specifications and all manner of information on some of the biggest devices, such as the LG G Watch and Motorola’s Moto 360, available on our website.