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Angry Birds Fight! Now Available for Android and iOS

Rovio has released a new Angry Birds game called Angry Birds Fight! which is available now for Android and iOS.

The new puzzle-based game was first initially released in some Asian regions where the Angry Birds brand is insanely popular and it’s now winging its way over the west. Angry Birds Fight! is very different from the franchise titles that came before it and draws inspiration from classic match-3 games like Bejeweled.

Players challenge others online in a race against the clock and the aim of the game is to form lines made of three or more matching Angry Birds. This takes place while the famously furious and feathered former friends attempt to beat each other (and those bad piggies) to a pulp at the top of the screen.

So no, despite this being a game-changer, the birds’ penchant for violence and destruction has not altered one bit and the more foes your conquer the further you progress into the storytelling element of the game which plays out a bit like an RPG.

The longer the lines formed and eliminated to clear the board, the higher the score and the bigger and better the bonuses become in Angry Birds Fight! These bonuses can be used to upgrade your character’s appearance and use of special skills

Angry Birds Fight! is free to download and other in-app purchases can of course be bought to boost the gaming experience. According to Google Play these will be priced between £0.88 and £65.98 per item (which we’d be rather surprised if accurate.)

Looks fun, but what we’re really hoping for is more news on the Angry Birds VR game which reinvents the original platform bashing concept for the second coming of virtual reality. Till then Angry Birds Fight! is now on Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Source: Angry Birds Fight!

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