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Angry Man Trashes T-Mobile Store

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As any regular reader of this blog may know, we at Gadget Helpline do love our comic books, as you can probably tell in our Spiderman 50 year anniversary blog. So imagine our excitement when a real life Incredible Hulk appears in the news. Unfortunately this Manchester-based Bruce Banner is neither green nor Gamma powered, but he definitely created as much mess as he could.

On June 30th this angry man was photographed tearing up a T-Mobile store in Manchester, and reports suggest that the customer was unhappy as he had gone to the store with every intention of getting himself a refund for a product he had purchased.

When staff in store refused to grant the refund the man became unhappy and began ripping fixtures and posters off the store walls. He was later photographed brandishing a fire extinguisher while pacing around the store.

T-Mobile later made an official comment stating that he got upset after the store was unable to fulfill a refund request because of the stated terms in the customer’s contract. They immediately removed all staff and other customers from the store, and then called the police to deal with him.

They further stated that they are happy to report that no one was injured and that they should be re-opening the outlet very soon after an assessment is done to see how much damaged was caused.

So remember true believers, the next time you are unhappy with a company’s customer service it’s probably best not to hulk out whilst screaming ‘Hulk Smash!’


If you have ever been involved in a gamma test gone wrong which has lead to you becoming a gamma irradiated hulk-like monster, or if you have just had a few issues with your mobile network, then let us know your thoughts on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.