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Another iPad Air 2 Leak Shows Touch ID Sensor

This year has been an incredible one for leaks, almost every major Windows and Apple release has seen a mock up model, release schedule, or simple confirmation of the device’s existence leaked. While Microsoft have mostly been ‘accidentally’ releasing the information themselves, then redacting it following a swift denial, Apple have been plagued by unauthorised images of their new iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2, which are periodically released on slow news days.

Following this new trend of leakage, the iPad Air 2 has now been leaked, for a second time in the last 3 weeks. We’ve got some pictures of the device here, plus some comparisons with the previously leaked images.

Okay, so there are the new images, which arrived yesterday. We can see the Touch ID sensor, with its round raised edge and white centre. Also interesting are the side buttons, specifically the way they’re laid out, which is different to the original iPad Air.

Also, there’s no slide button to lock the device, and speaker holes appear to be larger but less numerous.The device seems thinner overall than the previous model, as you can see when it is laid on top of the original (the one which does include the sliding lock button).

Now it’s time to play a little spot the difference. Here’s a gallery of the originally leaked images which came out just a few weeks ago. Both models were billed as ‘mockup’ devices, which may or may not include functionality, but if there’s a lot of differences we may just be looking at some heinous fakes.

Can you spot any differences between the two, or are both exactly the same. This is a real puzzle, but as with any leak, we are obliged to point out that both of these could very well be fake and not represent anything near what the final iPad Air 2 might look like. However, if they are genuine, we could be seeing something very similar around November, which was the time of release for the last iPad Air.

Until then, you’re going to have to wait. Check the source links below for the original images.

New Images Source: Ascii (Japanese text only)
Old Images Source: Ortud Forums