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Apple Closes Down MobileMe, iCloud Migration and Downloads Offered

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As it had previously promised, Apple has now closed down its MobileMe service for good, leaving a shop window-style sign on the website to help its customers save and migrate their saved data.

MobileMe has been closed down as part of Apple’s push with iCloud, where it hopes to get its iOS and Mac OS X device users storing their data online. Before iCloud came along last year, Apple device users could store all sorts of data online using a MobileMe account, which also included a free email address. MobileMe was introduced alongside the iPhone 3G and ran until Apple overhauled its cloud services with iCloud.

Both the iDisk and the MobileMe iOS apps have now been removed from the App Store, and the MobileMe website prompts users to download and save their data locally, or to migrate it to the new iCloud service. If you’ve stored photos online with MobileMe you can download them in full through the gallery feature, and all other files can be downloaded directly to your Mac or PC using iDisk.

Apple appreciates that there are iOS device users out there with older gadgets that cannot upgrade to iOS 5, and Macs that don’t run OS X Lion, so it has left the option to find a lost device on the homepage of the MobileMe website. Find My iPhone and Find My Mac are features now incorporated into iCloud, but MobileMe still offers this functionality for users of older Apple products.

Alternatively, and as Apple would probably prefer, you can hit a link from the MobileMe homepage and be guided through the transition to iCloud. This seems by far the easiest route, providing you have an iCloud-compatible Apple product of course.

If you’re still an avid user of MobileMe, we suggest you head over to the site to save your data in one way or another.

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