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Apple iOS 8.1.2 (fix) update now coming to compatible devices

Apple have begun a rollout today of a slightly updated software that will fix a few issues that were noted by users since the last 8.1.1 update last month. Apple’s latest 8.1.2 software will be landing on compatible devices over the coming days and will fix a few minor bugs/

The 30MB update can be downloaded from now by users who wish to get it immediately, and will be seen as an incremental upgrade that addresses bugs. Bugs that include ringtones purchased through iTunes vanishing and the reported on iOS 8.1.1 Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

So if you are experiencing either of these issues you can connect your iPhone/iPad to iTunes to download the update from now.

Compatible devices include the iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, and latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as all iPads form the iPad 2 upwards that were setup with Apple’s latest iOS 8 software.

The fifth-generation iPod Touch will also get the update, providing that the devices have a data connection via Wi-Fi or by connecting it to iTunes on a PC or Mac.

If the update is not classed as urgent in your life, you can wait for it to land via OTA (Over the Air) on your smartphone or tablet, but users can go onto their settings, General and select ‘Software Update’ to do a manual check for the update. in the ‘General’ section of the ‘Settings’ menu.