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Apple iPhone 5 smaller USB Connector image leaked

Another day another iPhone 5 rumour or leak, todays offering is a hardware leak for the forthcoming apple iPhone coming in September. It’s been long thought that the new apple product will come with a smaller and re-designed connector dock and today a leaked image of the USB to iPod cable has leaked online.

We already heard the dock connector would be getting smaller, but new images seem to prove that the iPhone 5 will come with a new sync/charging cable that is much smaller than the original iPod connector that has been on every iPod since its inception.

Apple are looking set to announce something on September the 12th with most people assuming it will be the Apple iPhone 5, but with last year’s big update its never wise to put all your money on what Apple are rumoured to be doing.

The cable shown will have the Apple feel about it with q Quality build, White cable and standard Apple white but it appears that the cable will be ditching the 30-pin connector in favour of a much smaller 8-pin connector to link to the phone.

Reports are also stating that the change of the connector is to introduce the new MagSafe connection which is similar to those on the new MacBooks. The MagSafe connection which would offer a quick release to the Apple products if there is an jolt or tug of the cable when connected.

If the cable is to become the new standard you can expect Apple running the change in its iPod, iPhone and full accessory lineup as well as many manufacturer of iPhone add-on’s to change their kit pretty sharpish.

We will be finding out soon enough if any of the rumours, leaks and inform is true at the September 12th event.

Source: Viestercom

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