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Verizon Holiday ban points to iPhone 5 September 21st release date

In the run-up to the supposed Apple iPhone 5 release dates many speculations are flying about and even small titbits of information can lead to information and clues on when the smartphone will be released to the general public.

Today US network Verizon has reportedly issued a holiday blackout from the 21 September to 30 September leading to many people looking at why the company may be so busy over that period to not allow Holiday.

Well the first point of call will be the Apple iPhone 5 releases which already has a suggested release date of the 21st of September, a reported 9 days after the company is looking set to announce the phone on September the 12th.

The holiday ban spans across all of Verizon’s retails stores and internal business which would suggest a rush of devices being sold over that period, which would defiantly suggest something as big as an Apple product release.

For us in the UK its rumoured that we will be getting the fabled 5th Gen iPhone a few weeks after its general release in the US by the first week of October.

None of the information is official and its all still just speculation but with most of the facts and figures pointed towards a new iPhone 5 handset we can only assume it’s coming in the next few weeks… but then again we said this last year and we got the iPhone 4S!

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