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Apple iPhone 6 – 5.5 inch model gets more power and 4.7 inch model gets unveiling date

More Apple iPhone 6 rumours! As we get nearer and nearer to the release date for the forthcoming iPhone 6, rumours are becoming more frequent and more believable – most recent of which states that the 4.7inch iPhone is to be of a lower spec than the 5.5inch that we are all really waiting for – a lot like compact flagship versions that all other brands make!

The larger iPhone is said to pack a more powerful processor and has different internal architecture to encase this. The different internal layout is like to mean more GPU cores to fill the space – this is great news as the bigger screen is likely to require more power. This means that, although the smaller 4.7inch iPhone technically has a lower spec, both the device will perform at similar speeds/levels. This is a lot like what Apple have done with the iPad… both running the same chipset but some models running it at Ghz.

In addition to the different processor and GPU spec there are rumoured to be a few more differences between the two models… The main two differences being that they may have different touch modules as they will have different screens. As always, this is a rumour so we do advise taking it with a pinch of salt. That being said this has popped up and been mentioned previously – stating that the 5.5 inch iPhone will have a sapphire display but the 4.7 variant will not.

All of these difference leave us wondering why anybody would by the smaller of the two when it is released next month following the official unveiling on the 9th September when they could just wait until near Christmas time to get the flagship model. Why do it by half measures and how does this really help Apple? – Surely this is just making people wait longer for what they really want!