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Apple to launch iOS 6.1.2 update soon to fix security glitch

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Apple will release iOS 6.1.2 within the next week or so to patch the serious lock screen flaw recently discovered, marking the second update within a month.

iFun claims that Apple is already preparing to launch another software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with the release expected to come early next week.

Apple has acknowledged the fault, which allows the passcode lock on an iPhone to be bypassed by calling the emergency option and immediately hanging up, then double clicking the power button. The Cupertino Company has also confirmed it is aware of another fault with Microsoft Exchange functionality.

The website claiming knowledge of the forthcoming 6.1.2 update accurately predicted the arrival of 6.1.1 earlier this week, with the same sources providing the information, and so we’re inclined to believe them when they say that 6.1.2 will land before February 21st.

It’s quite rare for Apple to have to issue multiple minor iOS updates in short succession, with most major flaws resolved in a larger update, such as the leap from iOS 6 to 6.1. However, that update brought about the lockscreen problem that had already reared its head in iOS 4.1, along with other issues with 3G performance.

Are you happy with iOS 6.1.1 or are you experiencing problems?