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Apple releases iOS 6.0.2 to fix Wi-Fi connectivity problems

Apple has launched an iOS update with the aim of resolving the numerous Wi-Fi issues that came about with the update to iOS 6 just a few months back.

The jump from iOS 5 to 6 brought about a number of issues, several of which related to Wi-Fi connectivity. Some users reported that they were immediately unable to connect to their home network after updating – where it worked fine minutes before – whereas some found that the Wi-Fi setting would be stuck on, refusing to switch from ‘off’ to ‘on’.

iOS 6.0.2 marks the second minor update Apple has pushed out since iOS 6, and prior to this latest release the company tried to fix the same Wi-Fi issues with version 6.0.1, but seemingly failed.

Weighing in at just 51.4MB, the update should be a quick download and install. It doesn’t add any extra features or make any changes on the surface that we know of, with its main purpose being to fix things behind the scenes.

To get the update now either connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iTunes via USB, or head into Settings > General > Software Update and install it via Wi-Fi – provided you don’t have a Wi-Fi connectivity issue in the first place, of course.