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Update: Apple Store is Down – No Apple TV? Internet speculates at hacking..

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The Apple Store is down – this usually heralding something new being added to the store – as we speak!

We can’t actually gain access to the site right now, but before Apple unexpectedly shut up shop for the afternoon many tech-fans saw the message “We’re Updating the Store” – and we can only guess at what could be popping up amidst the iPhones, iPads and iPods at any moment.

We’d be easily persuaded to believe it’s the next-gen Apple TV gadget which has been expected for a while now and which will bring along true HD – in the 1080p variety!

A month ago Apple Insider suggested that “A handful of feature films being submitted to the iTunes Store for a release in the September and October timeframe are being sent with documentation for an optional 1920×1080 resolution.”

Criticisms of the current IPTV receiver have prompted Apple to address the HD disappointment and the A4 box currently putting out a below-par high-def experience is said to be replaced with a new A5 HDTV set with dual-core 1GHz processor, and iOS5 – supporting the 1080p picture output.

The Gadget Helpline will be following this story and will bring you the latest on the new addition to the Apple Store, whatever it may be, as soon as we find out!

UPDATE (16:50PM): The Apple Store is back up! But there’s no new product to report. Uncharacteristically, the page was completely pulled rather than the usual “We’ll be Back” message which greets customers when the store gets a new product and following outages of Facebook, Twitter as well as a number of other websites today, internet sources are, of course, pointing the accusatory finger at the hacking community.

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