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Apple TV to gain more bluetooth connectivity in iOS 5?

The latest Apple iOS 5 Beta is proving to be a bit of a treasure hunt for new apple features, with something new and interesting seemingly being discovered every day that the test phase is open. Over the past few days there has been Gesture Control and the long Awaited Alert tone editing discovered, but now its seems that iOS 5 holds a bit of extra connectivity.

Mac loving Website 9to5mac has stated that deep within the iOS 5 code is some interesting Bluetooth related titbits which hint towards some iOS 5 and Apple TV Bluetooth connectivity. What 9to5Mac are stating is that within the new iOS 5 source code, there is some coding for pairing of other devices to the operating system.

Apple would seem to be positioning this Bluetooth support mainly for keyboards, but perhaps the Bluetooth of Apple TV will be able to connect to iPad’s, iPhones, and iPod touch devices.

Inter-product connectivity has been on the rise in recent years with many manufacturers like Sony and Samsung heavily marketing the DLNA connectivity between its devices, so Apple could be looking to join its products and use them in a whole home environment. Imagine using your Apple TV with your iPad as the remote, or even using the screen as a desktop and the iPhone or iPad as a mouse/keyboard combo.

As ever this is all just a rumour but it does seem that Apple have a whole host of new features up its sleeves for its next operating system release.

The iOS 5 is in a final testing stage now but there is no official release date for the new software, though all signals point towards August/September time so keep an eye out on the Gadget helpline via our @Gadget_Helpline twitter or RSS feeds.