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Apple Watch actually on sale in Apple Stores from June 18th

Apple will be selling the Apple Watch in Apple Stores from June 18th, Apple says.

Stock of Apple’s first iOS driven wearable, and the company’s first original concept since the passing of Steve Jobs, will arrive in Apple’s own high street stores in the UK and the USA from the aforementioned date, with other world locations to get theirs shortly after on June 26th.

After limited stocks arrived two months ago with only a handful of fashionable vendors across the globe supplying it, the Apple Watch was noticeably absent from the maker’s own shops. This was rather questionable and of course stocks didn’t meet the demands and the Apple Watch was a sure-fire sell-out.

This looked great for Apple but it was later reported that a parts failure with the wearable’s taptic engine, not the unexpectedly high demand, may have been the actual reason to blame for thousands of online pre-orders being left unfulfilled on the April release date.

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The taptic engine is a mechanism that creates the notification vibration and the faulty batch was being produced by one of Apple’s two manufacturing partners. The parts had to be scrapped as zero hour approached for the Apple Watch.

We’re assured that all those that were sold were in fine working order, and no reports have followed to suggest any faulty goods escaped the cull. The Apple Watch is coming to Apple stores in a couple of weeks, ticks and all, with a vastly stocked App Store and features to enjoy from purchase.