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Apple Watch already sold out on some colours, Pre-order now

Apples most anticipated new product is now available for pre-order, but you should already know this, the amount the new Apple Watch has been hyped. When it struck midnight in California pre-orders went live, and that previously down Apple Store website is alive and ready for early adopters of the wearable.

There are 38 different designs of the Apple Watch, ranging in price from £299 all the way up to £13,500 so your decision will be even harder ahead of the April 24 release date. Certain collections, like the Apple 18-karat gold Watch Edition are probably unlikely to sell out considering the horrendously overpriced cost. This should help you narrow the choice down. Stainless steel doesn’t come cheap either.

Also if there was a certain edition you wanted hurry up, a handful of Apple Watch colours are sold out if you wanted them on day one, the most popular models now show a shipping date as late in the year as July. That was within the first few minutes.

In particular, don’t expect to get the Sport Band with a black band or space gray case, or the expensive Link bracelet in any colour on the release date now. Some people are reporting that their orders of the Edition won’t dispatch until August. This will only get worse as the day goes on.

Maybe this is apples plan though, causing people who were going to wait and see to panic buy, driving sales up. We won’t know the official Apple Watch sales figures for a while, it’s unlikely to come close to the sales figures of say the iPhone 6 though.

Pickups of the smart watch are by appointment only, which means there’s no camping outside of Apple Stores for this launch folks.