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Apple’s iPhone 5C caught on video in five vibrant colours

With the number of leaks mounting, we’re starting to feel pretty confident that the iPhone 5C is very real and could be just weeks away from becoming something you can buy. We’ve spotted the glossy plastic case of the phone in white, green and red so far, and now a video shows the phone in light blue and yellow alongside these other colours.

Noted iPhone jailbreaker Tanner Marsh recently uploaded a video to YouTube which shows five iPhone 5C shells all lined up together, each in a different colour. There’s white, green, red, blue and yellow, mimicking Apple’s newest iPod Touch colour range but with no black model in sight.

Again, as with previous leaks, the images depict only the plastic shell of the iPhone 5C. We’re yet to see the phone with everything assembled and working, which we presume is due to a company in Apple’s supply chain dishing out case parts to the wrong people who then go and put pictures and videos online. Still, we’re not complaining!

Details on the iPhone 5C’s technical specifications are still somewhat scant, although we do know that the screen size will be 4-inches, just like the iPhone 5. We suspect the display will still be Retina quality, though other areas are likely to be downgraded in order to make the phone more affordable. Likely downgrades include the processor and camera, though we’re yet to hear what these will be.

Thanks to high profile publications who have a close relationship with Apple, including AllThingsD, we believe that Apple will reveal the iPhone 5C alongside the iPhone 5S at an event on September 10th. Whilst the 5S will follow Apple’s usual bi-annual ‘S’ upgrade, the iPhone 5C will be something completely new for Apple and an attempt to lure in more pay as you go customers who have been enjoying cheap Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones for the past few years.