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Nexus News: Nexus 7 (2013) now available in the UK, Nexus 4 gets $100 US price cut

Google’s new and improved Nexus 7 has finally arrived in the UK, with both 16 and 32GB models now available to buy directly from the Play Store online.

Priced higher than the original Nexus 7 – to reflect the significant hardware upgrades – the new Asus-made tablet starts at £199 for the 16GB and rises to £239 for the 32GB. Google also launched a 32GB version with 4G connectivity, but it seems that model is staying in the US for the time being.

Shipping is free for a limited time only, but if you’re not keen on waiting for your device to come to you then there’s also the option of buying from a high street store in the UK. Both PC World and Currys are stocking the device online and in stores, with the 16GB original Nexus 7 slashed to a rather attractive £139 as well.

In other Nexus news, Google has slashed the prices of its current Nexus 4 smartphone amidst growing rumours of a Nexus 5 being on the way. In the UK the 8GB model has been reduced to £159, whilst the 16GB model now sits at £199 ($199 and $249 respectively in the US).

Considering the hardware you get, the Nexus 4 has now become the best ‘affordable’ smartphone, in our opinion. A 4.7-inch HD display, blazing fast quad-core processor and access to the latest Android updates before any other manufacturer makes the phone a compelling buy for under £200, especially for those on SIM only contracts.

Both devices can be picked up from the Google Play Store now.