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Arnie to Appear as The Terminator in WWE 2K16 Pre-order Bonus

The wrestling world has had its share of shockers this past week and here’s another – games publisher Take-Two Interactive has revealed that this year’s WWE 2K16 will be introducing none other than Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger to the ring as a playable character.

Grapple gamers pre-ordering the annual WWE title for October 27th release on PS4, PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360 will get the chance to control their very own Terminator as Arnie appears in the game as both the merciless T-800 from the original 1984 movie and also the protector model cyborg from the 1991 sequel T2: Judgment Day.

World’s collide in the promotional clip heralding the Terminator’s arrival, with Arnold reprising his robotic role and interacting with WWE superstars Daniel Bryan, Paige, Finn Balor and Dean Ambrose as they perform the bar scene from T2. It’s an incredibly well done recreation that as action movie and wrestling fans gets us excited for the unexpected union of The Terminator and WWE Universe.

Schwarzenegger’s ties with WWE are well-documented and the multi-time world bodybuilding champion and one time ‘Governator’ famously punched out current company chief executive Triple H in a televised skit in the early 2000s.

Promising he’ll be back, Arnold returned to the world of wrestling to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame celebrity wing this year and also appeared as part of Wrestlemania – which his latest flick Terminator Genisys was a sponsor.

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In other news, World Wrestling Entertainment was rocked this week by the departure of long-time face of the company Hulk Hogan – whose absence we need not go into here (TMZ and the likes have it well documented). Due to this Hogan will no longer be featured in the new WWE 2K16 game or any of its promotion.

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