Asda 3DME Figurines Now Available Across the UK

You can now order your very own highly detailed 3D printed figurine at a number of Asda stores across the UK.

After trialling in the York branch last year Asda Photo has now kitted up further supermarkets with ‘3DME Pods’ in which to create these one-of-a-kind and truly personal mementos.

We know you want one, so here’s how it works..

Firstly you step into a Pod, which is basically a photo booth where the subject stands while a camera takes 12 seconds to capture 900 to 1500 photographic frames. These are then converted into a three dimensional virtual image with specialist software.

The image is sent away to be 3D printed in a white ceramic resin which is built up of 0.1mm layers to ensure accuracy and the details are cleaned up and colour applied by hand. The whole process is complete in 21 days when you’ll have your very own figurine with lifelike accuracy, available to collect in store or posted out to you.

Figures can be up to a maximum of 7” tall (head to toe standing position, or posed – Eg. arms held upright) and can only be of people – Asda states no pets or objects allowed. However they can do the sculptures in pairs or trios and will offer a selection of costumes if you fancy your figure to have a bit of humour to it.

3DME Pod sessions can be booked on the website which will inform you of your closest eligible Asda store and once the photos are taken on the day you pay in store for collection or delivery. Prices range from £49 for a single child-sized figure and £59 for a single adult up to £115 for a double adult figure, £120 for single costumed figure and £125 for three people. The finished 3DME figures are free standing but you can choose to add a base for an extra £7.

All details about 3DME and your nearest Pod can be found on the Asda Photo website.



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