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Batman Arkham City: The Dark Knight (Finally) Returns to PC on November 25th

Batman’s latest adventure Arkham City swooped onto Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles in the UK and Europe on October 21st – but the joke was on PC gamers, after the creator of the hotly-hyped game, Rocksteady Studios, put the freeze on playtime, stating that desktop gamers would have to wait until a vague November launch date before they could save the streets of Gotham as the Dark Knight and his allies.

Recently it seemed that the cat was finally out of the bag, with a November 18th date thrown up as the day the inmates of Arkham would spill out onto Windows PCs. But these online reports appear to have been two-faced and the date was again pushed back. But today the riddle seems been solved for good, with official word from Warner Bros. stating that Batman: Arkham City will rise on personal computers on November 22nd in the States and a few days later on November 25th in the UK and Europe.

Action-adventure beat ‘em up Arkham City has been enjoying much success since its console release as the sequel to 2009’s popular comic-to-game Arkham Asylum and the game features returning voiceovers from Kevin Conroy as Batman and Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill reprising the fanboy’s dream role as the voice of The Joker.

Hold tight, PC gamers. This one’s worth the wait!    


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