Nintendo Wii U: Dual tablet controllers in the works

Despite Nintendo’s previous suggestion that its next home console the Wii U will support just one of those fancy HD tablet controllers, today the Japanese gaming-giant backpedals, stating that – yes, me and U can play together one two HD gadgets.

We were uninspired by the much-anticipated Wii U launch back at the E3 event in June. The graphic representation of the console didn’t blow us away as expected and the new non-gaming features were frankly a little lame. Then there was the HD touchscreen tablet controller that would allow enhanced game control and split screen for menus and bonus features – this was really the only new addition that vaguely raised our interest. But the presentation left us with the disappointing revelation that one person gets to play with it and that second, third and fourth players would simply be tagging along with the dated and dual-compatible Wii-mote.

Nintendo’s Wii has always been about the multi-player element and involving all our family and friends, so this came as quite the surprise. It was later stated that the cost of producing additional HD tablet controllers would be too high and with this in mind there would be little consumer demand for the gadget – ‘as sold separately’. Nintendo is reported to be addressing this as we speak and that some form of second controller will become available either on the ‘late 2012’ release date or shortly after. We should hear more details on at next year’s E3 from Los Angeles. After the recent damage control required after that distressful opening season for the portable 3DS we’re hoping Nintendo can get the Wii U right first time.


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