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BBC iPlayer Now Available on Windows Phone 8

Popular streaming service BBC iPlayer has today arrived for Windows Phone 8, this following an earlier tweet of confirmation from Windows Phone Program Manager, Joe Belfiore.

Whether you’re an avid ‘Whovian’ or a follower of the troubles and tears down Albert Square, you’ll be delighted to find that BBC iPlayer on Windows Phone 8 delivers the very latest of TV and radio from the past 7 days, with both long-standing British institutions Doctor Who and Eastenders up for a re-view.

There’s also a good selection of recent Beeb telly highlights available on demand such as the superb Sherlock which features man-of-the-hour Benedict Cumberbatch, who is currently enjoying superstardom in the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie.

Microsoft mobile users will notice that the BBC iPlayer app incorporates some of the Windows Phone design, with familiar tiles offering clear and easy to use navigation with a range of categories and program types to be browsed through just like on the Android and iOS versions of the app. With the Windows Phone 8 app you can even listen to the radio in the background while doing other tasks or social browsing.

BBC iPlayer for Windows Phone 8 is now available at the Marketplace.