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Binge TV Streaming Linked To Depression

Recently we reported on a study which linked excessive use of Facebook to depression, by the way the site often prominently displays the achievements and boasting posts of others, Now in a similar study, the excessive ‘binge’ watching of massive quantities of shows streamed online has also been linked to symptoms of depression in users.

The reason that binge video streaming is so widespread is the simple fact that there is an almost unlimited number of shows to watch online, you can get hold of exactly what you wan tin unlimited quantities, and watch to your heart’s content using services such as Netflix.

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Apparently the psychological symptoms also present in binge drinkers and binge eaters are mimicked by binge watchers of shows. There’s so much available out there that consumers are able to consume and consume some more, and researchers say that those who pig out on shows are more likely to show the sighs of depression.

Arguably the sample taken of online video fans by the University of Texas is slightly small – just 316 people taking part, and just 237 of those being marked out as serial TV bingers. However, those who over indulge are apparently prone to behaviors that are also signs of depression. Loneliness and lack of self regulation or self control are highlighted.

This doesn’t really mean that if you watch too much TV online you are going to become depressed – for the moment the exploratory study is simply a preliminary look at the impact streaming has on users. The study’s parameters for bing watching were also a bit iffy, with a ‘binge’ being determined to be as low as two episodes in a row, which is often the same amount that are show on normal television.

On demand streaming boxes for TVs such as Amazon Fire TV shown here are also responsible for the back to back availability of shows.

It may be that there is no real precedent for limiting your streaming habit – although as always there are risks involved with the simple activity of sitting around watching shows all day that are related to health. Whether mental health and depression has not yet been concluded.

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In our opinion, we can safely say that if you watch back to back shows too much we don’t think you’re going to become depressed, unless of course you’re watching something really depressing. However, if you’re committed to consuming an entire season of a show in one sitting, we’d advise you to take regular breaks, and maybe go for a short 15-30 minute every three episodes or so.

It’s important to stay active, even if it’s only a little bit. Raising your heart is key to staying healthy, so do yourself a favor and move off the sofa as much as you possibly can for your own sake.

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