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Blair Witch 2016 – Explore the Black Hills Forest in 360 Virtual Reality!

Let me start by saying that I’m personally very excited by the fact that indie horror flick “The Woods” was recently revealed to actually be a brand new Blair Witch sequel/reboot that will be released on September 16th – less than one month from now.

Those who remember the original Blair Witch Project from 1999 might remember the awesome viral marketing that had us believing the legend was real through “found footage” videos (Quick Time back in those days) and a very immersive website which was launched long before we even knew it was about a film.

This was one of the very first, if not the first, that I can remember that employed such an online marketing tactic. One which has since become a trend for big Hollywood blockbusters including Jurassic World, which had a website set up for visitors to an actual theme park and also a website for InGen – the genetics company behind the cloned dinos.

But back to Blair Witch 2016 – which looks more disturbing than its predecessor, and which the makers of have once again embraced tech to sell their scary movie to the masses. This time they are welcoming those who are brave enough to enter the notorious Black Hills Forest in a 360 degree virtual reality experience.

The Blair Witch 360° Experience is now live at and to benefit from the full VR experience and explore a creepy campsite setting, complete with bloody tents and sinister stickmen dangling from the trees, you will need to own a head mounted VR display in use with a compatible smartphone (Gear VR, HTC Vive etc.)

You can of course just take a stroll through the woods without a headset but the real thrill is getting scared s**tless in fully involved virtual reality in this great gimmick that gets us even more hyped for the film!

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