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Brave Rewards Android Users

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Brave Browser rewards users by paying them for their attention. The rewards system is already in place in the standard browser and has been for a while now.

As of yesterday the Android version now  includes rewards.

Great news yes, but the browser did not auto update for us.

If you are using Android Brave browser and it has not updated you will need to open the play store, navigate to brave and update.

Once updated, load up Brave again and tap the triangle on the top right of the browser. This automatically sets you up for rewards.

A quick diagram for visual aid is included below:

Brave has been in development for two years this coming May.
Not only is it privacy-centric. Brave also allows you to add chrome plugins due to the underlying structure being Chrome.

There is also a TOR browser built in. This hides your IP address from sites you visit. Each connection along the route when using TOR is also encrypted.

The browser is work in progress with the reward program as you can see from the image above. The ad system is coming soon and will allow you to fine tune your ad viewing. You will then receive tailored ads, specifically for you while gaining BAT for viewing.

Brave Rewards

Brave rewards are set aside to celebrate the Android update. The team have 100,000 BAT grants available for Android users, this equates to approximately $5 per user.

Want to be involved in the development of this product?  Join the community and have your say!


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