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Privacy Or AI?

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Privacy or AI, thats the overarching question here.

AI will help in many ways. It will seep into every day life and become as commonplace as Wifi. People will be interacting in almost every way imaginable with AI. The general stresses of everyday life will be alleviated and thus free us from the drudgery. We will be free to explore, to be creative, all the while AI takes care of everything else…
Possibly, yes?


Artifical intelligence also means, potentially, a long kiss goodnight to privacy.

You cannot have all the benefits without the root being embedded. The road to full AI utilisation, unfortunately, is paved over your privacy.

For AI to work alongside human society it needs to have access to our information so it can make decisions for us and pre-empt any needs.

What this future AI society cannot really have is privacy.

There is another side to this technological coin though.


Fighting in the privacy corner is blockchain and encryption.

Blockchain can give society the privacy its citizens request whilst simultaneously connecting everything that a society needs to function well.

Open-source and transparent are not buzzwords you would expect from a privacy-centric tech, but, thats generally how things progress in this field.

Most creators of this new tech wish to share with everyone else involved in its creation. The general understanding is that, being trustless, all we have to do is police ourselves.
Most of the bad actors are noticed by anyone that can read a few lines of code.
A man once claimed he was the creator of Bitcoin, the now legendary Satoshi Nakamoto. The claimant has recently been under scrutiny.
Those who understand how the majority of blockchain works called him out and asked for proof of this fantastic claim. If he is Satoshi he will have the private key.
In consequence of this, Satoshi Vision is now being delisted from a lot of major exchanges, including Binance. One of the reasons this came to pass is due to the fact that he wanted to change the original vision behind Bitcoin. The community did not like this and policed itself.

To Centralise or Decentralise?

This statement has some truth to it: AI is centralising whilst blockchain is decentralising.

Both technologies are poised to impact on human existence on a level we may not have seen before

As they say, you cannot kill a great idea. Like water, it will find its way to the ocean. That ocean just happens to be humanity.