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App Focus: Brian Blessed Alarm Clock now available for iPhone

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GORDON’S AWAKE!! We think you’ll find it hard to discover a more Epic alarm clock app than the one released today, officially recognized by the bassy-voiced actor himself – it’s the truly fantastic Brian Blessed Alarm Clock for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The iOS-based clock and wake-up app features the voice of the legendary actor himself, who last year gave his recognizable boom to TomTom’s sat nav gadgets after a campaign by legions of fans who fondly recall the bearded thesp’s appearances in films such as Flash Gordon and popular telly such as I, Claudius and Space: 1999.

There’s no mistaking Blessed’s popularity and trademark tones which spurred developer Blessed Originals Limited to make the app available on the App Store and the alarm clock features a vintage styling befitting of the voice of the Shakespearian trained actor, as he ‘misuses the work of the Bard’ and hurls gentle insults such as ‘Get up,wench!’ and ‘Make me a cup of tea!”. The app features the animated face of Brian Blessed and 30 exclusively recorded sound bites including jolly songs to ‘ensure you start your day in a suitably beardy way’ – poetry in itself!

Other features of the Brian Blessed Alarm Clock app include a rising sun and cycles of the moon on a dial which, at a touch, can be used to bellow a boisterous alert or sooth you to sleep with the actor’s hypnotically swirling eyes. On occasion, Blessed will also appear riding on a rocket ship, reaffirming that this is one of the most awesome apps ever downloaded!

The Brian Blessed Alarm Clock is available now on the App Store through iTunes costing £1.99, with 10% of that cost going toward the “Walking with the Wounded” charity which re-educates and re-trains the wounded returning from the armed forces. The developers behind the app promise a version for Android is coming soon!

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