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Channel 4 To Start Publishing Games

UK TV broadcaster Channel 4 are expanding their ever increasing repertoire of media to include video games. The newly proposed game publishing division All 4 games is a next step from sporadic publishing of mobile phone games the company has previously gone into.

Those mobile phone games included funding for projects on mobile devices and smartphones for the best part of the last decade, but now Channel 4 are responding to the increased demand for games development in the UK in the creation of this new publishing arm. All 4 Games is based in Glasgow, Scotland, and the publisher is headed by Channel 4’s commissioning editor for games, Colin MacDonald.

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An increasing effort into bringing increased games development into the UK has been in progress for a while, but the recent government in the UK have paid special attention to the market, which has become hugely profitable abroad. Investment into future publications and education programs may bring some of the profits to the UK in the future.

Mobile games are of course fast becoming the easiest and most profitable way of creating games with the best returns for the time spent in development. All 4 Games will initially focus on this sector.

“Channel 4 is renowned for working with growing creative companies and I’m delighted that we’re able to throw even more of its weight behind the games industry,” Said Colin MacDonald in a statement.

“With over 1.5 million apps for users to choose from now, discoverability has become the biggest problem facing mobile game developers, so it’s exciting to be able to do even more to support them and promote their amazing work to a wider audience.”

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“This is a much needed and fantastic commitment from a major broadcaster who has recognised the power of games to reach huge audiences,” said Jo Twist, CEO of UKIE, the UK’s trade body for the gaming and interactive entertainment industries, who have spearheaded the growth and promotion of new interactive gaming efforts here in the UK.

“Channel 4 has done so much to grow the independent TV sector, and this new initiative will do the same for the independent games sector so they can scale and be discovered in a crowded marketplace.”

We’ll keep you updated on games and apps coming out of All 4 Games, you should be seeing new projects advertised through channel 4 on demand service All 4 very soon.

Via: Engadget