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Chromecast Sales Up By 60% – One Billion Casts Recorded

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Chromecast has become the top streaming gadget in the USA with 60% increase in sales in the past 12 months.

Google, the maker of the Chromecast, revealed that as well as the sales boost the device has been used to cast content over one billion times from compatible platforms including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets as well as via the Chrome browser extension for laptops, PC and Mac. This is a big leap forward from the 650-million recorded uses of the cast button reported back in October and shows that the Chromecast has become a favourite since its initial launch in July 2013 in the United States where it retails for just $35 (UK price £30).

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The success of Chromecast is in credit to it being a cheap and cheerful method of converting an HDMI connected TV into a smart TV simply with a dongle and a smartphone or tablet (which most of us have). There’s also the ever growing selection of compatible apps which feature the cast icon allowing content from mobile software to be displayed on a television screen. These now include streaming favourite Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, BT Sport with even more favourite apps being developed with Chromecast in mind. There are said to be 10,000+ apps currently in the works with cast ability coming soon for more of our favourites.

Google has previously confirmed that a new version of the Chromecast will be streaming in the near future, keeping the familiar functionality, ease of use and affordability and it may also work as a hub for multiple other Chromecast devices, suggesting that the first generation model would continue to be a relevant addition to the market.

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