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Cubify Cube 3D Printer on Sale Now at Currys and PC World

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Currys and PC World have become the first UK retailers to sell the Cubify Cube 3D Printer, bringing one of the latest hot tech trends to the masses.

The desktop-friendly Cube 3D Printer will cost £1195 and allows home users of both PC and Apple Mac computers to print 25 free designs from approved Cubify Artists. These include chess pieces and other smaller items which emerge as 3D models produced by a plastic-loaded cartridge.

The cartridges do come at an extra cost of £52.80 each and are available in a range of 16 bright colours, with one colour contained per cartridge.

There are more complex patterns available to be downloaded at cost from the Cubify Marketplace and users can use Cubify Sculpt and Invent software to design their own pieces at an additional cost. Models can be printed up to 5.5” cubed, meaning that users can turn 2D digital templates into physical 3D objects in the home.

3D models can be sent wirelessly to the printer but there is currently no software supported for mobile devices, though we hope this is something that can be introduced in the near future.

We have to admit, the Cubify Cube 3D Printer looks pretty fun, but will this pricey new gadget become fad or future?

We’ve seen some really impressive and practical uses of 3D printing since the technology was first announced and despite being fairly simplistic, the Cube should at least raise awareness of 3D printing on a consumer level and could hopefully lead the charge for making 3D printing an affordable pastime for the public.