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Deep Fake Changes Everything – But Would You Know?

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Deep fake is going through many changes and jumps in progression. Or, in other words, you can no longer trust anything you see on a screen. Any kind of recorded film can be altered in almost every imaginable way. The quality is so good you actually would believe your eyes.

Deep fakes use powerful AI to create a realistic looking version of a real person. This can be used for both positive and negative means. The technological fakery can be directed to change legitimate video into something else.
To go hand in hand with deep fakes, tech also has the ability to mimic. Not just the way you speak either. Through machine learning your gait can also be copied, as well as your voice.

Deep Fake Celebrity – Can you tell the difference?

After watching the video above, take note that this was more than a year ago. In all that time machines have been learning.

Perhaps you fancy seeing yourself in Game of Thrones? Not for that last season of course, just the good ones:

On a slight tangent, the clip below shows Bill Hader morphing into Tom Cruise for the ultimate impression. All done by AI, working seamlessly in the background.

As with most new video related technologies, the porn industry seems to decide whether it stays or goes. Allow us to explain.

From the first original teetering steps of VHS tapes. Some may remember there used to be a battle between Betamax and VHS. VHS won, mainly due to being adopted by the porn industry.

Combined with Virtual and augmented reality you can see the direction this is all heading in.

Imagine the possibilities this tech opens up. Going back to a blog we wrote previously about 5G; with the help of 5G this generated dragon appeared to all in a baseball stadium, flying around breathing fire.

Now combine that tech with the ability to copy anyone and speak like them.
With public addresses for example, you would never know if it was the official speaking on the podium or just a facsimile of the original.

One of these days we may well be catered to, in our own homes solely, by a simulacrum of ourselves.

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