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Taller masts needed For 5G? Can’t Get Planning? Make New Laws?

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Taller masts needed? Rural communities desperately needing 5G? Possibly, we doubt it’s a desperate need though.

In large cities 5G makes a lot of sense. There are more people in a smaller area for one thing. Many businesses can capitalise on the speed increase which will bounce on to the customers. There is also 5G cable for some out in rural areas. The only Generation not currently available in all rural areas is mobile 5G.

Taller Masts

The supposed worldwide race for 5G is becoming epidemic. Current planning laws across the U.K. are being scrutinised in order to push through the installment of larger masts and extra equipment.

Mobile phone service providers may well be clambering to help push this through. It will mean they can upgrade current sites with larger equipment without having to gain planning first.

It also means the installation of new sites will not need planning permission.

Part of the planning permission process is to allow public discourse on the proposal. With the new laws bandied around telecommunication installations, the public will effectively be shut out. They will have no say in the matter.

It seems that the country has two options. Continue to upgrade normally without changing current laws. Or, accept the possible law changes and expect to see phone masts everywhere in the very near future.

The only reason that taller is being pushed through, we imagine, is due to the lower costs involved. The sensible option seems to be to make sure that rural communities have at least 4G and the rest will come in time.

The beauty of technology is that it improves itself over time. Future developments may well change how engineers look at telecommunications.

The general rule of thumb should probably be, don’t believe the hype.


In 2017 ofcom produced a qualitative research paper covering a wide group of participants across the U.K. SME’s are small and medium enterprises. The chart below shows what people expect from their network. It clearly shows nobody expects exceptional coverage in remote areas.

Very few 5G phones have been sold. Many people in the country are still using 3G. There seems little interest in it barring the gaining of votes for the few.

We understand completely what 5G will bring but it does not have to be a rush job, right?

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Source: Ofcom qualitative research paper 2017