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Dell Venue Pro WP7 gets a post NoDo WiFi fixing update!

Well, Dell are nothing if not consistent, as the Dell Venue Pro is set to start receiving a brand new Firmware Update across the globe to solve those pesky Wi-Fi lookup issues and to give the device a general update to the previous NoDo OS Updates.

Dells “Chief Blogger” Lionel Menchaca took to Twitter to announce the update to the Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 OS Sporting devices. In his tweet he stated: “The #dellvenuepro firmware update starts rolling out today for T-Mobile customers in the US + all other customers outside the US.”

So the Dell smartphone will be getting the update over the course of the month no matter where in the world you are, unless you are a US AT&T customer as it looks as if there is no update on the cards for the carrier.


Dell seem to have done a bit of a backtrack as Lionel Menchaca himself has again taken to the Twittersphere and stated:

“Sorry, but the #dellvenuepro firmware update for T-Mo customers in the United States is delayed until next week”

So as it turns out Not many Dell venue Pro users will be getting the update this week in the US and we can only assume that this tweet means us in Europe will still be on track.

Have you experienced any issue’s with the Dell venue Pro’s WiFi? Let us know in the comments below of on our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter.