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Destiny Allows Free Upgrade to Next Gen

It’s not often that a game allows you to download it again on a new console once you’ve already bought it, but apparently, according to today’s news on the tech front, Bungie’s new shooter Destiny will allow players who upgrade to a next generation console to keeo their copy of the game via a free download.

The game, which should hit store and online marketplaces this coming Tuesday, is anticipated to be the biggest blockbuster of this year, being the first game released by the Halo developer since Halo Reach in 2010.

Bungie has promised a free download of Destiny to users on older gen consoles, as long as they upgrade within the same manufacturer. If you have bought Destiny for PS3 and want to go to Xbox One then you won’t get the download, however if you grab yourself a PS4 you should be able to get the digital download of the game for free.

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Any progress and characters you have made on the last gen console should also carry over to your brand new next gen beast, as well as any extra content you might have snagged, such as a season pass. The service isn’t going to be around forever though, with a time limit on how long it will be available expiring on the 15th of January 2015.

Destiny isn’t just coming out for next gen consoles. Your old friend here can handle the awesomeness.

When compared to what other game developers have offered with regards to the porting of your game and saves over to the next generation, Bungie has really led the pack on this occasion. When compared to say, Assassin’s Creed Black flag or Call of Duty Ghosts, who ended up charging a few notes ($10) for a next gen copy, even if you already had it on the older generation, Bungie’s attitude is a breath of fresh air, regardless of the time limit.

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Destiny’s short lived Beta was met with great applause by the gaming audience, with the level of innovation and customisation being well liked by gamers and industry types alike. The game is set for a release on Tuesday, as said above, and will arrive on XBox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. PC release info hasn’t been forthcoming unfortunately. Stay tuned.

Source: Destiny Official

Via: Eurogamer