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Google Glass Goes Public

Google glass has finally become available to the general public, and, while still expensive, the device is coming along nicely from what we’ve see. A new redesign is in the works which looks a lot like a normal pair of glasses, so before long the accessory could finally break out into the mainstream.

The current edition of Google Glass

Previously the ‘Explorer Edition’ of Google Glass was only available for purchase if you were some kind of fancy pants and got an invitation, that or won a contest or sweepstake. But now, the device has made it to the Google Play Store, and should be sitting on there now for the low, low price of just $1500 or £1000, around the same price as two iPhones.

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The decision to not lower the price may be due to the aforementioned redesign which is in the works as we speak, the main purpose of the redesign being to remove the obtrusive projector and integrate the camera in the frame of the glasses.

The big challenge is to somehow rig the new glasses so the images required for the heads up display can be projected right onto the lens, so it’s no wonder that Google are trying to shift their remaining Explorer Edition models at maximum profit.

What the next edition of the glasses could look like.

If you’re thinking about making a Google Glass purchase, Google has added a few sweeteners with the Google Play Store offering, namely a free pair of shades or frames. These items can be used to customise the Google Glass for brighter environments or simply to change the off-putting look of the device. Additional frakes and shades are also on the Google Play Store now.

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For now, the Explorer Edition is serving as the ‘beta’ or ‘test run’ of the device, which has been years in the making. Most of the testers or ‘explorers’ using the device are currently in the process of reporting errors and finding bugs in glasses, making sure all the problems with them are found prior to a new version. Hopefully Google will tease us with an updated or new model in the coming months.

Source: Google Play Store

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